At RPMS Rentals we have 5 main expectations of our Tenant:

1. Pay your rent payments on time. Rent payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for rent arrears.

2. Pay your water accounts on time. Water accounts are due within 21 days of the Invoice Date.

3. Keep the property clean and tidy. The property must be kept to the same standard as when you first moved in. Please treat the home as if it were your own.

4. Keep the gardens maintained and tidy. Mow the lawns and remove any weeds regularly.

5. Report any maintenance that needs to be attended to. All Maintenance must be reported as soon as possible and in writing.

Following these 5 simple expectations can make living in a Rental Property a pleasurable experience for both the Tenant and the Landlord.

If you are a Tenant of one of our Properties please see below for more information. 

Want to know how to pay your rent?

We have a variety of options for payment of rent. These options are quick, simple & easy to set up saving you time. There are also ways to ensure regular payments which eliminates excuses being associated with arrears.

The options are as follows…

  • Internet Banking/Direct Debit – can be set up by the Tenant through their Banking Website or Phone App. An Automatic Transfer can be set up also to ensure set and forget rental payments are received. This is an easy and reliable way of paying rent and is also cost efficient. (Please note that some banks automatically cancel the Direct Debit or Auto Transfers after one year. Please check with your Bank for further details.)
  • Centrepay – Tenants can choose to set up payments through Centrepay. This service is offered for Tenants receiving Centrelink payments. The Rental Amount is taken from the Centrelink payment and sent to us before it is disbursed to the Tenant. The Tenant then receives the remainder of their payment. (This can often be a good option for Low Income Earners.)
  • In Person – You may pay your rent directly at your Bank by using the following details:

BSB – 185 300
ACCOUNT NUMBER – 303 829 915

Please ensure to use your Tenant Reference Number. You must ensure your Tenant Reference Number is recorded on your receipt also. You will find this number in your Tenancy Agreement and Tenant Handbook or you can phone the office to obtain it from a Staff Member.

By using these means of payment the Tenant is not required to enter our office to pay any rent using cash.

If you are a current Tenant of RPMS Rentals and require further information, please contact our office.

Tenant Information

Tenant Portal Access

You can access your tenancy, maintenance and payment information online with your own PropertyMe Tenant Portal.
If you are a current Tenant you can click here to access your online account. Don’t forget to bookmark the link for easy access.

In your PropertyMe account you can:

  • View property and lease information
  • See when your rent and bills are next due
  • Log and track the status of any maintenance requests
  • Send us a message at any time
  • View and download rent receipts
  • See upcoming events like inspections and lease renewals


All Maintenance Requests from Tenants must be in writing and we prefer this to be reported through you PropertyMe Tenant Portal. Please see above for Tenant Portal access information. As a guide we have listed some Maintenance Issues that would be classed as urgent or non urgent.


  • Blocked drains through out the house which may cause damage to existing flooring, etc.
  • A blocked toilet (if there is a second toilet this is non urgent.)
  • A serious roof leak.
  • No running water.
  • A gas leak (Please call Origin on 1800 808 526).
  • A dangerous electrical fault.
  • A burst pipe that may cause damage to other areas.
  • Damage that may be dangerous to a person or the Property.

Non Urgent

  • Plumbing issues in one bathroom if the property has a second bathroom.
  • No Hot water.
  • Air conditioning or Heating faults.
  • Electric roller door malfunctions (These can be changed to manual).

Emergency Maintenance Contacts

Below is a list of Contractors who are on call for Emergency Maintenance only.

These Contractors are not to be called out for non urgent maintenance. If a Contractor is called out after hours and it is not deemed as urgent you could be liable for any after hours call out fee that may be invoiced to us.

  • Electrical Emergencies – Kenrich Electrical on 0419 030 572.
  • Plumbing Emergencies – Zone Plumbing on 0402 704 882 or Precise Plumbing on 1300 700 200 for properties in the southern suburbs.
  • Maintenance Emergencies – Joe Barresi on 0438 400 761 or Maintenance Logic on 0418 808 592 for properties in the southern suburbs.
  • Security Alarm – Golden Grove Security on 0412 857 094.
  • Rite Price – Rite Price on 0404 018 066.
  • Gas Leaks – Origin on 1800 808 526.
  • Storm Damage (Leaking Roofs/Fallen Trees) – SES on 132 500.

Tenant Water Bills

We charge all Tenants for the Water they use as per the Residential Tenancies Act 1995.

All Tenants will receive 4 Water Invoices per year.

The invoices will contain a Quarterly Water Supply Charge of and a Quarterly Water Usage Charge. The amount charged for Water Usage differs depending on the amount of Water used at the property. The Water Invoices are sent to the Tenant when we receive the SA Water account from the Landlord. This will be approximately every 3 months but can differ depending on when we receive the accounts.

Tenants have 21 days from the Due Date stated on the Tenant Invoice to pay each Charge.

If a Tenant vacates a Rental Property with in the SA Water meter reading dates our Property Managers record the meter reading at the outgoing and calculate the correct charges using a formula set down by SA Water and Residential Tenancies.

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